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Reduce gaming the interview process
Personalized Employee Training
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Reduce gaming the interview process

How to Stop Candidates from Gaming the Interview Process
Posted by Chris Fields

Breaking News! People lie during job interviews.

Some companies also lie during job interviews, but we’re not discussing lies, per say, today, we are discussing “gaming the interview.” You may be wondering what that even means. Well, gaming the interview happens when a candidate doesn’t flat out lie yet gives a response that can be misinterpreted to get the job. For example, if you ask candidates why they want the position, they might say, “

Personalized Employee Training

Personalized Employee Training: Time to Join the Trend - eSkill HR Training
Written by Eric Friedman

The Association for Talent’s 2016-State-of-the-Industry-Report found that an average of $1,252 is spent per employee for training and development. In addition, this report shows that employees spend 33.5 hours in training.

There’s no denying the importance of training in the workplace today, and more companies are adopting training systems to help their employees grow and acquire new skills. The new trend is to offer personalized training that’s tailored to each employee’s needs and goals.

Step by step process

Step by step process to successful:
  •           Selection
  •                Hiring
  •                      Training
  •                            Productivity
  •                                     Retention

Face Success

Face Success

Successful people master and maintain good habits they realize what they do on a daily basis, and where they direct most of their attention, matters when it comes to reaching goals. 

The habits you have developed and continue to practice reflects where you are now.  Let’s face it most people do not practice good habits.  The good news is, if you are unhappy where you are in your life, you can change the outcome by altering what you do from day to day, developing better more productive habits.
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